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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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alison: a gun, bomb making materials come at a plot to kill. >> she was a beautiful, caring person. rape suspects possibly in the u.s. illegally. late breaking news as one of their fathers is detained by ice. jonathan:
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>> i was in shock. jonathan: the actions that put this puppy in safe hands. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. jonathan: an 18-year-old girl with a cop rings of plan for violence at her high school. alison: the police say she was collecting a gun, ammunition, bomb making materials, and keeping record of it in her journal. jonathan: where is this student now, tim? tim: she is at frederick memorial hospital, where she is being evaluated. meanwhile, her friends are telling a different story tonight that has not been told. investigators say the shotgun and these bomb making materials were going to be used in a deadly attack on catoctin high school. investigators say the 18-year-old was just nine days away from carrying out the deadly attack. >> she was a
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person that literally cried at the thought of hurting anyone. want to friends did not show their faces, but they say that the real the call was gentle -- the real nicole was gentle. >> she was one of the most beautiful people that i ever met. >> while there was part of her i did not know, it was not here. and it's harde up for them to express their emotions comfortably. tim: the attack plans were reported thursday by the suspect's own parents. >> the parents of this young lady helped us avert a tragedy. tim: her journal detailed murders and a suicide. friends say that show that she needs treatment. >> i want her to be safe and to get healthy. officer say nicole
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arrested as soon as she is cleared from the hospital. tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: this just in -- a disturbing case gets a new chapter, two teenagers suspected of being here it legally accused of rape at rockville high -- of being here illegally accused of rape at rockville high. are just learning that immigration and customs enforcement officers arrested sanchez-reyes friday. he is the father of henry sanchez-reyes, who was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at rockville high school. both suspects are suspected undocumented immigrants. ice says the father is a citizen of guatemala here illegally. he is being held at a detention center. we will stay on top of this in
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alison: meanwhile, missing girls an emotional outcry lately as the police say it is not what it seems. tonight, a facebook live event to clear up what is real and what is not. the reaction was so big that the event time had to be doubled. >> hi, everybody, thanks for joining us. jay: the national center for missing and exploited children took to social media to continue a conversation. >> do you know why so many have gone missing in recent times? jay: local and national media have reported on a number of missing children, especially african-american girls. sayers of this nonprofit these numbers are not out of the ordinary. according to the police come right now there are 11 open missing persons cases in d.c. considered critical come involving children.
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one missing child is too many. they suspect the police are doing a better job of reporting the cases and the media and public is more sensitive to the issue. >> many are considered runaway children, which is why we think this is a good discussion because there are a lot of misunderstandings about the dangers these children face. jay: he believes that runaways are more likely to fall prey to gangs, drugs, and sex trafficking. and they deserve everyone's attention. jonathan: separating fact from fiction, that is with city leaders are trying to do. concerned men were gathered outside of the lou high school -- outside of balou high school with pamphlets about missing teenagers. >> you don't know what's going on with them. you don't know where to look.
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around like following a ghost. jonathan: this mother said her daughter is now in therapy. she was living with adults who knew that she was missing. if you want to read all of the reporting we did on the missing persons cases and get more resources about how these cases are investigated, go to our website, alison: 7 on your side fighting back against crime. we first showed you the shooting scene outside of a rec center in southwest. no serious injuries, but cars were riddled with bullets. the police tell 7 on your side they are doing more patrols of the area. they made two arrests this we come including a man carrying drugs and a gun. two violent criminals are now off the streets. radar rightrs dot now around the capital beltway, not amounting to a lot overnight. th
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start to tuesday, middle to upper 50's. by midafternoon, we are highs in the lower to middle 70's. on the way, is likely to trigger showers come even thunderstorms. i will give you the timing, plus talking about fog early tomorrow morning. now, a section of the country is reeling from severe weather. tornadoes reported through the plains yesterday with heavy rain and hail. in oklahoma, funnel clouds were caught on camera, people running for shelters. in this is texas, getting pelted by hail the size of baseballs. is not over. several states are still under severe weather watches and warnings. debbiethe world, cyclone is pounding the northeastern coast of australia. windstorm is packing around 155 miles per hour with a
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surge of about 20 feet. one death is already being blamed on the storm. alison: developing now, the search for a missing tennessee teenager has entered its second week. familyeth thomas' released this home video in hopes that people will recognize her. investigators say the 15-year-old and her teacher were communicating via draft emails on a school computer. ist teacher, tad cummins, suspected of kidnapping thomas. jonathan: a deal made in court today will place 18,000 water lines in flint, michigan, by the year 2020. the state of michigan will devote $50 million to do that. the city has been in a health crisis since a cost cutting measure led to tainted drinking water. alison:
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calls tonight for the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee to step down from the probe into russia's interference in last year's election. minority leader nancy pelosi and the committee's top democrat say that devin nunes cannot be impartial. the calls come after revelations that nunes met on white house grounds with a confidential source. >> there is no way for the folks i have been working with to bring this forward to light. there is no way i could view that because they cannot get into the committee. >> ultimately it is the speaker's decision. i think that it underscores the need for an independent commission. alison: after the meeting on white house grounds, nunes said the communications of the trunk transition staff may have been swept up during incidental surveillance. he has refused to provide the committee with any proof of that claim. within the past hour, president trump
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russia, calling on the house intelligence committee to investigate the clintons' ties to russia before calling the trump-russian story a " hoax." the president's son-in-law says that he will testify before the senate intelligence committee. this is a russian bank under u.s. sanctions says that it met with jerod kushner late last year. jonathan: the justice department is turning to withhold grants from cities and states that a good ignore -- that ignore immigration laws. they say that sanctuary communities are doing a disservice by not enforcing the laws. they have adopted policies to frustrate the enforcement of immigration laws, including refusing to detain known felons. called on theions general assembly in annapolis to scrap a bill that would make maryland a section where
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alison: a woman behind bars tonight without bond after three incidents at the white house. l was arrested over the weekend after trying to jump the fence at the white house, and last week she tried to jump the fence but her shoelaces got stuck in the security spikes. days later she was arrested again near the white house, because it violated the terms of her release. this will be a trial that the world will be watching. the question tonight, who will serve on the jury in the case against bill cosby? defense wants to prescreen as many as 2000 potential jurors. prosecutors are objecting, saying it is too demding. the trial is set to start in june. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a woman in pennsylvania in 2004. a grisly discovery inside a van abandoned container and howard county. >> who would do this? alison:
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out about the moment they found eddie
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this would make for an unforgettable trip into work -- a naked man interrupting the monday morning russian northwest. the man took office clothing, stopping traffic at 14th and decatur in northwest. the police quickly detained him and he was taken to the hospital. a puppy was rescued after being left for dead in a plastic container. he is being cared for tonight thanks to the quick action of a mother and son in howard county. jonathan: these pictures are tough to look at. tom roussey spoke to them about the rescue. how was a going? howarde puppy is in county animal control come in the shelter recovering. ok,told the puppy will be largely thanks to a mother and son we talked to tonight. >> i was shocked.
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tom: this is the condition eddie the pitbull was found in saturday. >> he was a may see it and smelled horrible. >> his eyes were really messed up. tom: he end his mom noticed something on the road that was not there when they drove by earlier. thehis is where i saw container. something about it worried me. i said why don't you hop out and just take a look. that is when we discovered somebody had left the puppy there. >> it was awful to see the dog in that kind of shape. i thought, who could do this? tom: they called animal control. >> she lifted it very gently because he was very frail. i honestly wondered if the dog would make it. tom: the good news, the 10 week old puppy is now expected to survive for stop the bad news, howard county animal control has not found who left it. they face criminal
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are good people and would find this behavior revolting. i really hope they find who did this. tom: animal control did a great job with a puppy. there are already folks lining up to adopt eddie. animal control is also looking for whoever did this. if you have information, please give them a call or email. live in columbia, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: will have to check on that and see how they do. this may be a pet people the road, drivers who go in the fast lane and go slow. right now there is no law against it in maryland, that could change. a bill passed the house and is moving quickly through the state senate. forould allow $250 fines drivers who linger in the left lane, not using it to pass. and a social media firestorm all about leggings at the airport. alison: of all things. united
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decision to take some young girls off a flight for wearing them. go ahead and vote now. here is the story -- the airline says it has a dress code for travelers flying on employee travel passes. that means a free flight for these revelers. they say they have to look presentable, and formfitting spandex pants are not allowed. jeans and shorts are ok. >> it sounds like a gender-based policy. shorts and young girls cannot wear leggings. says its policy was not meant to discriminate against anyone. one of the girls put a dress over her leggings and was able to board. the other two had to get on a later flight. jonathan: delta is jumping in with a jab against its competitor. delta said, "
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flying delta means comfort, which means that you can wear leggings." we are not sure if delta employees have a similar dress code, but we know that united does. steve: it is mild for this time of year and this time of evening, 62 degrees at reagan national. the high today was 74, about 15 degrees above where we normally are for the daytime highs. showers out there right now not amounting to a lot. a little closer to the d.c. metro, the capital beltway, prince george's county, kettering, showers around there and college park. just light showers in shady side. the showers continue to dor radar -- continue to dot radar overnight. 52 to 59 overnight, the wind out of the south at 5. tomorrow morning, a mild start to your tuesday, but leave extra time for the patchy fog
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. the forget the umbrella heading at the door. showers on the way, even a few thunderstorms because of a cold front. midafternoon, daytime highs into the middle, upper 70's. the pending on how much sunshine, it aware between 72 and 77 for the daytime high. mainly, shower activity limited north and east of d.c. northern montgomery county and frederick county. the frontning rush, moves through, showers and thunderstorms not out of the question. we may see a couple of these storms become severe with gusty wind. the biggest threat tomorrow will be the wind, could have wind gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour in bed it in some of the storms come a little bit of hail and lightning. the tornado threat is limited. once the cold front moves through, wednesday will be beautiful. temperatures in the 60's and lots of sunshine.
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stormwatch 7, 70 degrees tomorrow, 65 wednesday, middle 50's thursday, lower 50's friday. we turn the corner for the weekend. back into the middle 60's. the home opener for the nats one week from today, 66 degrees. middle to upper 60's the rest of next week. alison: not bad at all, steve, thank you. look at this funny take on bad weather in texas. hits the hail on his back porch. in parts of texas, there were reports of hail up to four inches in diameter. jonathan: good way to work on your short game, but hard on the clubs. headache,ay have a
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you just have to see had to believe it, and then you wonder, what in the world? alison: he is a teenager from bosnia, a tae kwon do champion, and crushed 111 building blocks in 35 seconds. a representative from the guinness book of world records was there to witness it. afterwards, where am i, who am i? time,: this is just one but how many times has he practice this? , aret: you have to ask those really construction blocks? alison: they said so. jonathan: makes you want to rush out and try it. robert: yeah, sure. a couple of caps have a bad hair day, and a football player playing baseball.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. week before than a opening day, the nationals making the tough decisions, fi
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nathan, who was trying to make a bullpen spot. in new york, tim tebow trying to earn a spot. not have muchid trouble with the former heisman trophy winner. meanwhile, the nats had no trouble hitting today. trea turner and bryce harper both hit home runs. the nats get the shutout, 6-0. it was photo day for the nepitals, and everyo usually does their best, new haircuts and all that stuff, but there are always that couple guys who stand out. this year, joining the fun. going for the big hair look. >> fluuff it up. i used the hairdryer a little bit too blow it up. >> picture day, we stand
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everybody's legs get tired. it's fine to have someone say, oh, look at that guy. we could be that guy. robert: and the wizards tip-off a four-game road trip starting with the
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alison: hi, steve. steve: hello. middle 70's the daytime high tuesday. a cold front arrives midafternoon come early evening. likely to trigger showers and thunderstorms. way,that is out of the wednesday, 60 five degrees, then we fall into the 50's thursday and friday. the weekend looking good, and baseball season looking nice. summer cannot be far away. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. alison: have a good night.
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♪ what? there are bumps along the road of life... and for each one there's triple-a. it's just three kids, right?
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, catherine zeta-jones -- from the houston rockets, james harden -- chris pratt with the new "guardians of the galaxy" trailer -- and music from hank "the hawk" knutley. and now, sure enough -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for coming. you're very nice. you're here. you're here, by the way, this is a special night tonight. tonight we're having a trump-free tuesday. [ cheers and applause ]


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